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If you’re looking to enjoy everything that Rome has to offer, it’s a really good idea to check out the Colosseum Rome tickets. The Colosseum has always been one of the prime locations to visit in Rome, and for a very good reason. It’s been there for around 2000 years and survived many different civilizations throughout its life. On top of that, the Colosseum itself receives around 5 million visitors.

During its prime, this place was able to accommodate anywhere from 50000 to 80000 spectators. However, even if we mostly know it for the gladiatorial contests, there were many other events taking place in the Colosseum. A good example would be sporting events, classical drama events, but there were also public executions taking place in there as well.

Reaching the Colosseum

Thankfully, the Colosseum is located in a central region of Rome, so you can easily reach it without any problems. Near it you have the metro line MEB, and there are the 3 and 8 tram lines you can use to reach it. Multiple bus lines also bring you to the Colosseum as well, with 118, 117, 85, 87, 75 and 51 being a prime example. Some of these will also take you to the Roman Forum, which is yet another great place to check out and enjoy.

Things to note about Colosseum Rome tickets?

The Colosseum Rome tickets are accessible right away, since we take care of them and you don’t need to worry about any issues. This way you can plan your trip and focus on other things like accommodation. Which is great, because it removes the stress of getting tickets, which can be quite challenging especially during the summer. At the Colosseum there are restrictions and because of that you don’t want to lose on finding great tickets. We handle that so you don’t have to worry about it.

Are there restrictions?

Due to the safety instructions, only a number of 3000 visitors are allowed in the monument. You can only visit the Colosseum via making a reservation. If you do buy tickets from the ticket office at the Colosseum those are available just for that day only. This allows them more control, because whenever the maximum amount of tickets is sold, the ticket office closes and it opens the next day. If you have the city pass, you need to reserve the desired visiting time.


Grabbing your own Colosseum Rome tickets is a great idea if you want to enjoy visiting this amazing, beautiful historical location. Exploring the Colosseum brings you right into the past, and it will impress you with its amazing way it was preserved and the location as a whole. It’s incredible to see how unique and visually imposing the Colosseum can be, and it just shows how much work went into creating such a magnificent building. It’s a great idea to buy Colosseum Rome tickets today and reserve your visitation time, you will have an amazing experience!

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