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Vatican tickets

If you’re looking to visit Rome or more specifically Vatican, then it’s a very good idea to grab your Vatican tickets as quickly as possible. The truth is that you can find a vast range of options when it comes to tickets for Vatican, especially if you want to explore the surroundings and also see some of the museums too.

Where can you buy tickets?

Getting your own Vatican tickets is not necessary, since we handle everything, so you can enjoy the entire experience with your family. Getting Vatican tickets can be tricky on your own, since there are all kinds of limits set up. Thankfully, we are here to assist with that, so you won’t have to worry about getting tickets to see the Vatican and the neighboring museums.

That being said, you don’t need a ticket if you want to access St Peter’s Basilica. This is free for both adults and kids alike. However, if you want preferred Entry with a dedicated audio guide, this will cost you. In case you want to visit the dome of the basilica with the elevator, this will also cost extra. However, you can find Vatican tickets that bring in a better price and also direct access to some of the neighboring museums too.

For example, one of the great advantages is that for a low fee you can visit the Vatican museums and the Sistine Chapel in a guided tour. There are also some night tours created to help visitors enjoy the beauty of Vatican during the evening. It’s an eventful and exciting opportunity, one that visitors do not want to miss just because it’s so incredible and unique at the same time.

Do kids need Vatican tickets?

Generally, kids need tickets to visit all the museums and the Chapel. The Basilica can be visited for free, unless you want to embark in a dedicated tour. However, children require Vatican tickets, so it’s important to buy tickets for them as well. You can sometimes find family packages that can help save quite a bit of money. Additionally, there are discount periods too, so you can grab a great deal generally, you just have to be patient.

Can you visit the Vatican Gardens?

The Gardens are opened the same days like the Museums, and there are tickets which also give access to the museums and gardens too. That being said, if you want to book a tour for the Vatican gardens, you need to do it 2 weeks in advance, maybe even more during the summer. The important thing to note is that Vatican gardens are only accessible via booking a tour. Availability is limited, but that also means you avoid crowds too.

As you can see, it’s well worth the effort to book your Vatican tickets right away, as it will bring in an amazing experience and great results. Enrolling in a Vatican tour is the best way to access all these things, however you can also buy tickets separately if you want!

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