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Testaccio Market and Rome tour in golf cart

If you think you have seen Rome for real, then you are wrong because you have not visited the city by golf cart!

If you believe that everything that is to know about our food tradition, delicious Italian cuisine, is now online then you are wrong once again!
It is a way better to roll with us as we will bring you to the hidden places of our beautiful city.

Tour's highlight

  • Pick from your hotel
  • Rome Highlights By golf Cart
  • Exclusive Priavate Tour in Golf cart
  • Market Food Experience
  • Transfer back to your hotel

Tour Plan

  • Pick from your hotel 
  • The Palace of the Margani Family (only available with the Rome Golf Cart Tour)
  • Theatre of Marcellus (an antique Opera House)
  • Capitoline Hill and the beautiful panorama of The Roman Forum
  • The Pantheon
  • The Trevi Fountain
  • The Spanish Square 
  • Navona Square
  • The Colosseum Driver by & Stop 
  • Transfer Back to your hotel

Market Food Experience

  • Supplì stuffed with ragu and fried buffalo mozzarella with toasted bread crust
  • Fried cheese and pepper supplì with toasted bread crust
  • Super artichoke Roman style fried open like a rose, Roman tradition
  • Glass of local white or red Testaccio wine from local wineries
  • Abundant tasting per person of 24 months aged Parma ham
  • Organic Roman ricotta from the Roman countryside
  • White pizza made in the oven with oil and salt
  • Buffalo mozzarella

What’s included

  • Expert local English-speaking Driver Guide
  • Private tour 3 hours to ensure a customized, intimate experience
  • Market Food Experience One our 
  • Hotel Pick-up and Drop-off

What’s not included

Testaccio Market and Rome tour in golf cart

We will take you to discover the most beautiful squares and fountains of the Eternal City but above all we will get lost in the veins and stomach of Rome and the Romans, making stops to admire the courtyards of the palaces of noble families with their sumptuous courtyards swollen with nobility and beauty.

And then to make this experience complete we will add  to our list a visit to the traditional Roman market giving you an opportunity to taste the real street food but also teaching you where we go to buy homemade pasta, vegetables, oil and local wine.

This is a deep journey into our traditional food (THE REAL ONE), forget everything you did before … Without haste and away from the chaos of the city we will enjoy the tranquility of the streets of the 15th century and enjoy in surroundings reaching piazza Navona

The Pantheon

Piazza di Spagna

Trevi fountain

Colosseum and much more

Without traffic we will travel in the back streets and you will have the feeling of being alone with your golf cart in one of the most visited cities in the world because our aim is to make you reach the monuments, the fountains and the most iconic squares of the city by passing through the narrow streets of Rome where 90% of typical tourists will never arrive and  they will never know what the city of small streets with cobblestones and without pavements really is.

Enjoying the Mediterranean colors of the palaces of Michelangelo and Bernini, the small caffes with the shops of the last remaining artisans in the historic center of the city, all mixed up, as they are in real life.

We don’t invent anything, we are just showing you the city through Roman eyes as we want you to fall in love, like we did.

Food Experience 

Let’s  reach my favorite market in the popular neighborhood of Testaccio after a 3-hour golf cart tour and for about an hour we will taste the supplì and fried zucchini flowers with Roman-style artichokes for a quick bite especially when you decide to go to the market with us.

Come with me  into the market for a good glass of both red and white domestic wines and you will understand what it means to drink good wine that doesn’t cost billions (we like it that way).

Next stop will be the tasting of Parma ham aged 24 months with ricotta cheese of sheep from the Roman countryside and white pizza -indispensable for us Romans when we go to the market.

Than, we will visit the stand of fresh homemade pasta in order to make it closer to you, when and how we eat, our small rules are really important to us.

At the end of our culinary experience and the city tour by golf cart we will take you back to the hotel or we will drop you off in the city center, wherever you prefer.

What we will visit and what we will eat:

In golf cart 3 hours

The districts of the historic center of Rome

Palaces, courtyards and streets from the 1500s and 1600s

Walking through the alleys we will reach:

Some Options to make your experience with us unforgettable.

Options available in the food experiences:

For those who do not drink wine, they will have available drinks they prefer (not cocktails): Water, Coca-Cola, Sprite and what is available on the market

The tour is not for vegetarians, the experience in this case cannot include foods other than those proposed.

In case you don’t eat pork we can change the raw ham with tastings of three cheeses accompanied with white pizza.

We are here for you, to make your experience of our beloved city unforgettable and at least for one day, make you feel like true Romans

4 Reasons why you should pick this tour

  1. If this is your first time in Rome and you’re looking for something original, well you’ve found it! In about 4 hours we will visit the best of Rome with its monuments, squares and fountains, we will travel the characteristic narrow streets, contemplate bourgeois buildings, ancient courtyards, and much more.
  2. At the end of the tour, you will surely have a better idea of where you want to spend more time or where you can return to get a delicious cappuccino or enjoy a glass of excellent Italian wine. We love this city and our passion is to show travelers the genuine side of Roman-ness.
  3. It’s fun! Fun is what we’re all about! With our Golf Cart, you will see Rome from a totally different perspective. Long story short, you’ll experience Rome the way Romans experience it every day. Plus, you won’t have to drive! Get completely lost as we take you through little alleyways, enjoy all its charm as we travel this mysterious maze through the center of this ancient city, away from the smog, scooters and buses, and then magically end up right in front of the Pantheon.
  4. We are Rome in Golf Cart ,a highly professional private company that has been in the tourism business for over 20 years. Creating various tours, researching what our clients want and how to best meet their needs are our priorities. Certified as a valid Tour Operator, our company complies with all the rules of the Italian Department of Tourism.

If you have any doubts, curiousity or request, please contact us! You do so clicking on the button!

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